No Need To Brush The Toilet, Just Toss It In For A Complete Toilet Clean

A research conducted by the National Sanitation Foundation found that toilet bowls have an average of 3.2 million bacteria per square inch. FlushBright is "clean" with foaming disintegrants and "automatic" with special probiotics, and help you get a long-lasting healthy and hygienic toilet.

Visible Clean

· Foaming Cleaning

- How to achieve easy self-cleaning toilet? The foaming cleaning mechanism of toilet cleaning tablets allows for effective removal of dirt and stains.  

· Penetration & Decomposition

- When the tablet comes into contact with water, it produces bubbles that penetrate hard-to-reach areas and break down grime and bacteria. The foaming action provides thorough cleaning and leaves the toilet fresh and hygienic.

Invisible Clean

· Target Various Bacteria

- Such as staphylococcus, norovirus, E. coli, Shigella, and streptococcus. 

· Bacteria Destroyed

- These probiotics produce specialized enzymes that efficiently degrade organic residues and consume them as a food source. The population of beneficial bacteria thrives and expands, gradually displacing harmful bacteria. 

· Long-lasting Clean

- By actively consuming accumulated grime,
the probiotics proliferate and establish a sustained clean environment within the toilet.

Surface & Deep Clean:  Advantages Over Others

Traditional Cleaners

- hand-brushing toilet still doesn't clean it thoroughly

- lose their effectiveness after 20 minutes

- leave around 35% bacteria residue after cleaning

- contain chemicals that harm toilet enamel and downspouts


- hands free, no need to manually clean the toilet 

- last for about 2 weeks of long-lasting cleaning

- leave 5.8% bacteria residue after use

- contain environmentally friendly ingredients that form an enamel-protective film on toilets

There is limited availability and this 70% DISCOUNT may be taken down at any moment!

Health Concerns In 3 Steps

Step 1
Open the package and take out the tablets and put about 3 into the toilet bowl.

Step 2
Wait for the foam to ferment and dissolve and let it sit for about half an hour.

Step 3
Just flush it and get rid of dirt and odor easily.

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Replaced The Toilet With A "New" One

I thought about buying different brands for this type of product, but when it came to FlushBright I knew it was a perfect buy. It works really well last for a long time scent is refreshing and it's a wonderful color. Thanks FlushBright for an amazing product.

--Kevin Scott

It has revolutionized my bathroom cleaning routine, making it a breeze to achieve a sparkling clean toilet with minimal effort. Its convenience and effectiveness. The wand itself is lightweight and easy to handle, allowing me to reach every nook and cranny of the toilet bowl effortlessly.


I love this thing!! Not only for the inside of my toilet but my baseboards! Makes cleaning a breeze without breaking my back. One in my bathroom and one in my kids bathroom because they can do their own with this thing!  No mess! This product is awesome!


Early like these tablets you just drop them in. Forget about them. Nice and blue. I mean extremely blue in the toilet bowl. I mean they last a decent amount of time and much better than other brands so I like them. I'm glad I use them.


It effortlessly tackles tough stains and mineral build-up, leaving my toilet bowl looking pristine and spotless. Saving me valuable time and effort in scrubbing and cleaning. With each flush, the tablet releases a burst of freshness, ensuring that my toilet remains clean and inviting at all times.


These work very quickly and very well, put one in each of my two commode tanks and within a day the bowls are snow white and clean, love it! One commode is very old and had discoloration that multiple commode bowl cleaners would not get totally off and it is gone. I will be back for more of these!

--Robin S.

These seem to work excellent with one drawback. That is because they are smaller, they only seem to last about a month. So I bought a lot of boxes.

--R. L. B.

Should have bought these years ago. Perfect to keep the bowl clean and sanitized.  Highly recommended. Keep the toilet clean and odour free. Does it's job well!


The scent isn't overpowering and after several weeks at least 1/2 the tab is there. It is doing a great job of preventing mold/mildew etc buildup in the toilet. The bowl is literally spotless.


You just drop them in. Forget about them. Nice and blue. I mean extremely blue in the toilet bowl. . I mean they last a decent amount of time and much better than other brands so I like them. I'm glad I use them.

--J. Young Jr.

Don't Hesitate To Free Your Hands For Toilet Cleaning


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