We've found a way to keep your toilet clean without having to "clean it"!

By Alex Smith MAY 15, 2024
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It's a universally acknowledged fact that no one enjoys cleaning the bathroom, particularly when it involves the meticulous cleaning of the toilet bowl, which often accumulates dirt and grime. 
Every time the task of cleaning the toilet is tackled, encountering the unclean toilet brush and coming into contact with those unpleasant areas by hand is enough to evoke a feeling of disgust.
The scientists reported that when you flush the toilet, in just eight seconds the particles are propelled at rocket speeds of 6.6 feet per second, reaching 4.9 feet above the toilet. The larger droplets seem to land on surfaces within seconds, while the smaller ones appear to linger in the air for minutes or even longer, according to the study.

Even manual brushing of the toilet leads to the rearrangement of bacteria, dispersing up to 100,000 bacteria in the bathroom for several hours. This means that towels, basins, toothbrushes, and other items in the bathroom become breeding grounds for bacteria, forming a "cloud of viral particles."

As a result, you have to manually scrub the toilet yourself enduring the disgusting filth and odor and also spending a lot of time without cleaning it thoroughly.

The toilet that frees up your hands for complete cleaning is no longer a dream

FlushBright cleaning tablets utilize a foaming disintegrant cleaning principle. Simply place the FlushBright cleaning tablet into the toilet, and upon contact with water, it generates abundant bubbles with the ingredients in the product. The blind spots and deep-seated bacteria on the toilet walls are all engulfed by the foam, leaving no corner untouched. You don't need to "manually" clean the toilet, and you'll witness the dirt being washed away, making your toilet appear almost brand new.

But this isn't the most revolutionary change yet.

Traditional cleaning agents typically lose their effectiveness after just 20 minutes. In contrast, FlushBright cleaning tabs contain special probiotics that feed on various bacteria present in the toilet, such as staphylococcus, norovirus, E. coli, shigella, streptococcus, among others, some of which can survive on the toilet seat for up to 17 days. The special probiotics produce enzymes that break down the dirt and consume the residues as their food. As a result, the population of beneficial probiotics grows, even multiplying rapidly, while the living space for harmful bacteria diminishes. With probiotics consuming more dirt and propagating faster, the toilet remains clean for a longer time.

Experimental tests have shown that FlushBright is the best choice!

Test results indicate that traditional cleaning agents lose their effectiveness after about 20 minutes, while FlushBright cleaning tablets provide long-lasting cleaning for approximately a week. However, ordinary toilet cleaners can only clean visible areas, leaving behind 20-30% of harmful bacteria even after cleaning. In contrast, FlushBright cleaning tablets with "special probiotics" achieve "self-cleaning" while maintaining the bacterial content at only 10%! Furthermore, the probiotics also help to clear and prevent clogged drains, as they can adhere to the drain surface for an extended period and prevent debris buildup with their protective layer. This way, the toilet achieves long-lasting "self-cleaning."

What else can FlushBright do ?

- Forms An Enamel-protective Film 

Ensure long-lasting shine and safeguarding against wear and tear. Traditional toilet cleaning agents can be harsh on enamel, leading to dull and worn-out surfaces over time. With FlushBright, you can bid farewell to such worries. Our cutting-edge technology allows the cleaning tablet to create a protective shield on the enamel, preventing stains, scratches, and discoloration caused by regular use.

- Environmental Protection

By using biodegradable and environmentally friendly tabs, you reduce the need for harmful chemicals found in traditional cleaning agents, making them a sustainable choice for toilet cleaning.

- Fragrance

Infused with pleasant scents, these tabs mask odors and create a fresh atmosphere in the restroom, allowing you to personalize your cleaning experience with various fragrance options.

Dissolves Grime Build-up

While eliminating odors, it also breaks down accumulated grime, effectively removing limescale, calcium buildup, rust, and scaling from hard water.

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How Much Does It Cost?

A new toilet cleaning tablet is revolutionizing the way people think about toilet cleaning. Whether it's tackling tough stains or keeping your toilet fresh and germ-free, thousands of households have already adopted this remarkable technology and no longer need to spend hours scrubbing or using harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and welcome the ease and efficiency of our toilet cleaning tablet!

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